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The Money Maker Page!

The following is commonly accepted:

1.) Knowledge is Power $(K = P)$, and

2.) Time is Money $(T = M)$.

Let's refer to them as the first and second axiom.

Now, if you paid attention at school you may recall that Power is defined as Work over Time.

\begin{displaymath}P = \frac{W}{T}\end{displaymath}

Substituting P and T with the first and second axiom we get:

\begin{displaymath}Knowledge = {\displaystyle\frac{Work}{Money}}
\qquad (K = {\displaystyle\frac{W}{M}})\end{displaymath}

Solving this equation for Money yields:

\begin{displaymath}Money = {\displaystyle\frac{Work}{Knowledge}} \qquad (M = {\displaystyle\frac{W}{K}})\end{displaymath}

Let's have a closer look at this equation. You will find that, keeping the Work constant, as Knowledge decreases, Money increases. More scientifically, as Knowledge approaches zero, Money approaches infinity - and this is true regardless of the work done!

In other words, the less you know, the more you make!