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Big Ones


- the smallest provider in the whole world ...

... at least I don't know a smaller one.

1. Currently only one email address is in use. New clients are currently not accepted.

2. These pages are constructed with free software. If you are used to accept licenses (lie-senses) for everything you buy, please read here ...

3. Instead of the typical gossip, here you can find bad and odd news and more than 400 linx. Of course, NOTneat can not be held responsible for their contents. If it doesn't work: only type in the domain name or use a search engine.

4. NOTneat is a total wimp, because it gave up its old name T-No-Line, since T-offline is sentenced to pay several hundred bucks. more infos at "Freedom for Links" or "domain-recht"...

5. Instead of the stock market, here you can find the ultimate formula to get rich! more...

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Small Ones

Panthers are not pink - tigers too!

Newest researches in different encyclopedias showed that panthers are not pink. Therefore, you mainly see black panthers on NOTneat. more...

For your comfort: An excerpt from the first cartoon with the Pink Panther! And a daily updated cartoon of Calvin and Hobbes!

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Here you can play TicTacToe against me (also runs when you close the connection after the first game). For a new start simply click on the field. Also available as a download e.g. on House of Helms.

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Curious Ones

Mars face Why did the face on Mars age so fast? more...

Brand new: Bio-Optic Organized Knowledge device more...

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The Hungersite!


If you want to register with, or eBay, or want to order stuff please use these linx. I might get a premium and can drink the next beer in the Max-Bar.

Buyers and Sellers

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Radio Dentists!

Send an email, if you want to buy the Radio Dentists E.P. Or listen here to 1 of 4 songs and download (Safe Ass ...) (3MB)

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